D.R. Futures Report for January 18, 2018

Today the major indices started the US Session with a sell program in the Emini S&P, Emini YM, and Emini Nasdaq, but thanks to the algorithm that we use as part of theD.R. Futures Trade setup , we were able to get in at the begining of the upward trend in the Emini Dow, locking in more than 100 points, and later the Emini S&P, locking in 11 points before getting stopped out.

Our outlook for January 18, 2018, based on our current algo swing support and resistance is as follows:

Crude Oil

Crude has been volatile the past two weeks, incapable of maintaining a sustainable trend before flipping directions. We have been able to at least hit our targets for exiting our first contract on most occasions. Moving forward:

Resistance: CL was prevented from moving higher as it kept rejecting swing resistance at 64.10. It is poised based on our system to ruly test this level of resistance as it attempts to move higher. If this resistance gives way, I would look for a tartget of 64.47 or better.

Current support is at 63.94 as of the time of this article.


Resistance on the swing chart is 1337.50, with the first test being 1334.50 if it is going to move higher.

Swing support is currently at 1290.00

Emini S&PSupport is currently at 2804.25, with swing support at 2798.50. We have a swing target of 2825.00.
Emini NasdaqCurrent support is 6824, with swing support at 6790.50. 6820.00 is also a level of support to watch for in the event that 6824 gives. We have a swing target of 6875.00.
Emini Dow

No doubt that the Emini Dow (YM) has been strong during earnings' season. We continue to favor the YM until the tech giants begin to report earnings.

Support is currently 26068, and swing support is 25975. If 26068 gives, then look for a possible dip to the next level support at 25980.

D.R. Futures Tradinguses a proprietary algorithm as part of their system that identifies trends before they begin for Futures, Options, and Forex.

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